Burger 28 kept it 100

Burger 28 is INCREDIBLE! We’ve been day dreaming about our second trip already and we cannot wait to sink our teeth in to the ‘Arbab S’ burger again.

This place and the owner kept it real, it was everything a burger-joint needs to be: delicious, full of flavour, indulgent and fast. Certainly worth every single calorie consumed. Plus, you know you’re going to love this burger-spot when they’re pumping out Tupac from the stereo!

Burger 28 is the brainchild of Alex who created the concept on his 28th birthday before opening up the restaurant on 28th Street. Hence the name Burger 28, now you know.

We love that Alex, the owner, who has created something truly special here, all the menu items are original and have a locally inspired twist; from the Chips Oman infused Double Arbab burger to the appropriately named W7sh fries. In fact, we really admire that Alex has gone to all the trouble to source the finest ingredients for the food, regardless of where they are in the world: The mince meat is from Australia, the chicken is from Brazil, chips from Netherlands and buns from the USA. The effort is reflected in the quality of the food.

Being a hidden gem in Mohammed Bin Zayed City in Abu Dhabi, a mainly Emirati neighbourhood, Alex has found unique way to cater to the needs of his clientele from the oud scented wet wipes to the cardboard trays placed at the bottom of the takeaway bags which make it more convenient for locals to enjoy the mega burgers in the car. The restaurant even stocked Oman Chips and Laban Up to give it that extra nostalgic feeling. We definitely see why this place is a huge hit with the locals.

It is the attention to detail that really impressed us. The way the different flavours were chosen and perfectly matched in the burgers, the custom car friendly paper bags, the oud scented wet wipes and even the hand sanitisers on the table (this really blew Shahd’s mind).

The menu was great, it was big enough to offer a variety of food but not too big as to overwhelm us. However, being the fatties we are, we had to indulge and pretty much ordered the whole menu.

Burger28, Mussafah Shabiya Menu

We ordered “The Double Arbab” (part of the ‘secret menu’ which people who follow @weareburger28 will know about, so get following) a double chicken burger which was insane! The burger is a monster in every way, the chicken fillets were perfectly seasoned and the special Japanese breading and Chips Oman provided a crunchy texture to the sandwich. The XP complimented the chicken well and give a real zing to every bite.

We also got the ‘OG’ and ‘DB’ Angus beef burgers which were delicious, the Angus patties were so tasty, they were perfectly seasoned and, as we later found out, contained 70% lean meat and only 30% fat which makes them not only healthier than most of the burger places out there but also gives them a better taste – you know how much we love good quality ingredients. The low fat ratio exemplifies the quality of the food on offer at Burger 28. We loved the handcrafted D2 and OG sauces, they are unique and work to compliment the flavour of the patty and potato bun without taking anything away from the sandwiches.

Our personal favourite though was the ‘Arbab S’ burger, another secret menu item, which was probably one of the best burgers we have ever had. The burger contained the Japanese panko breaded chicken breast and XP but came topped, with arguably the best topping we’ve ever had on a burger, MELTED RACLETTE CHEESE! IT WAS PHENOMENAL! (Sorry about the caps, we’re getting goosebumps just thinking about it). The raclette cheese finished the burger off incredibly well, the hot, gooey goodness was….just look at the Boomerang below. THIS IS OUR FAVOURITE BURGER IN ABU DHABI! When you visit Burger 28 make sure you get this heavenly sent bundle of joy!

On the side we had the W7sh (Arabic for beast) fries and truffle fries. We preferred the W7sh fries because the Beast sauce was life! The tanginess of the dynamite infused mayo was beautiful and went really well with the cheese topping.

We finished off the meal with a signature shake Reese’s peanut butter shake which was a perfect end to the meal, had we not been overly stuffed on burgers we’d have probably licked the peanut butter of the shake cup too!

We’ve ran out of superlatives for Burger 28. This place is now ranked as one of our favourites in the UAE! Alex deserves a lot of credit for what he has created. WE CAN NOT WAIT FOR OUR NEXT TRIP. Now its time to go burn off all those calories.



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