Poke me!

Our friend told us that their favourite dish in the world is a poke bowl. They described it as rice with raw salmon. Obviously that doesn’t sound too exciting…until we went to Poke Poke.

OMG! If you’re a sushi fan, you will love this! We’ll be honest, this isn’t for everyone (George was not thrilled, but Shahd was overly excited) as its essentially a rice bowl with raw tuna or salmon  topped with things like seaweed, ginger, avacado etc. For those of you who have decided to continue reading, here’s the deal:

You walk into the small and modernly decorated ‘Subway’-like restaurant and the staff are so friendly that you are actually cheered in!

You chose the size of the bowl you want (they are deceivingly filling), small medium or large and then chose the base. You get a choice of white sushi rice, mixed greens, mixed wild rice, quinnoa or vegtables. We tried the white sushi rice and the mixed wild rice.

There are recipes you can chose from or you can make your own, we recommend the Californian!

If you want to make your own, you then chose the protein you would like. Done worry, its not all raw! there is a choice of chicken, prawn, salmon, tuna, tofu and eggs (only the tuna and salmon have the option of being raw).

You then chose the marinade you like, if you’re unsure, the staff recommendations are always spot on. You then add up to 5 ingredients such as edemame, avacado, mango, wakame. If that isn’t enough, you can then chose up to 4 toppings such as citrus marinated kale, pickled ginger, spicy cashews, wasabi toasted coconut.

Lastly you top everything off with a range of their yummy sauces such as sriracha mayo.

Honestly, its like a party in your mouth. We were so impressed, for 60 AED for a medium sized bowl we thought that maybe it was too much. But we take that back, we couldn’t finish the medium and the amount of ingredients and the quality that you get, well worth the money!

We love that the vibe is ‘make your own’ and ‘watch your food be made in front of you’ style but we just wish the seating was a little more comfortable. It’s not made to be an ‘in-dining’ experience, when it should be! No-one likes to take their raw tuna as take away and eat it 30 minutes later.

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