Zattara: Wasn’t zat good 

Nice idea, original items on the menu such as the zattara fries but the food was poor in quality and the service was bad.

We started off with the beef shawarma sandwich which was okay at best but they had put all the salad at the bottom and the meat at the top so when you’re close to finishing the sandwich you have no meat…it becomes a salad sandwich to our disappointment.

We also ordered the dynamite chicken, we were excited by this because the picture in the menu looked delicious. The sauce was good but the chicken had too much batter and not enough chicken for our liking. At 25 dirhams it wasn’t worth it.

We had to order what appeared to be their signature dish: the Zattara fries when the waiter said it was fries with cheese, bacon and spring onion….our mouths began to water. But like the other dishes it didn’t live up to the expectation the fries were soggy and oily. The dish was mediocre in terms of flavours but there are so many more restaurants that provide better cheesy bacon fries in the UAE.

Finally, the service: I could count 11 members standing around and none of them were very useful. We had to wait a while to get our order taken and even then simple questions like “what are zattara fries” weren’t answered sufficiently. Asking for a mixed shawarma sandwich (a standard favorite of ours) was not accommodated for, we were disappointed. When we asked a waiter why there were so many staff members around when the restaurant was empty, we were told that they were in the middle of a shift change….at 2pm on a Friday. Finally our order arrived and the order was delivered in a takeout bag – even when we made it clear we were eating in. At this point we were not surprised.

We love supporting local start ups and new businesses but some places have disappointingly low levels of service and quality. The two key factors they should focus on in the restaurant business. We might come back in a couple of months once they’ve had some time to operating properly and hopefully the food would be better.


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