So stuffed (Stuffed Burger Co.) 

The stuffed burger company  – wow! The service was on point, the waiters welcomed us in, informed us of their best sellers and were very accommodating to our customized off menu orders! We love that!

The restaurant is in the heartland of good food in Jumeirah – Dubai but was a bit quiet for a Saturday afternoon. Maybe it’s the sun and the heat. The restaurant itself is super cool and well designed but the air con was freezing! You could tell they they had good intentions for the decor but the execution must not have gone to plan.
When ordering, being the foodies that we are, we WENT IN! The beauty of the Stuffed Burger Co. is that they stuff their burgers with yummy goodness.  We had to get one of the signature sandwiches ‘the three cheese’ burger which was perfect in every way: stuffed with pure heavenly amounts of cheese. The patty was well seasoned and tasty, you’d be surprised how many places don’t get this basic element right. The next important component is the bun; the bun needs to be soft but sturdy, moist and yet not soggy and finally light but adds to the flavour and the this burger did just that. The best bit though…the three cheese melted center! The flavours were incredible and worked so well with the patty and everything else!

Our flavour of the month is chicken burgers, so we ordered the buffalo chicken burger and went a bit off menu with this adding an extra chicken fillet and melted cheese sauce. The outcome was probably one of the best chicken burgers we’ve ever had in the UAE! The chicken was the right size and thickness (we’ve encountered way too many thin chicken burgers, owners being ‘cost effective’), the buffalo sauce was zingy and not spicy at all, the bun (same as the stuffed burger) complimented the chicken very well. It was the mixture of flavours and textures that worked amazingly well together. We know we’ll be craving this burger all week now.

We weren’t done, we added the shrimp sliders which were also good, the shrimp was well battered but full of flavour. But the surprise of the day was the Choco peanut slider….OMG the flavours of the chocolate, peanut butter and patty blew our minds! They went so well together. Highly recommended as part of any order you make!

The beauty of the Stuffed Burger Co is they are very generous and so they gave us unlimited fries and ice tea drinks (other soft drinks also available) and they were just as good as everything else!

We topped-off the meal with a dessert to share (we were too stuffed to have one each at this point although we wish we had more space for what came next). The lotus white chocolate ice cream cake – the lotus and the white chocolate complimented each other so well. The presentation could’ve been better but neither of us cared at this point.

One thing that we thought was really impressive is how well thought-out all the flavours and textures are. All the burgers were unique and full of flavour and to be honest I don’t remember thinking of anything missing. This place is a gem. I’ll be going back again real soon for sure!

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