I got the keys, keys, keys

‘If you don’t have the key, you’re not allowed to dine at Parkers’ is the first time we heard about Parkers!

Although we have never been asked to present a key before entering the restaurant, we have heard stories from people that they have actually been rejected from Parkers because they didn’t have a key – we are not a fan of this ‘exclusive’ nonsense, although it is a great marketing gimmick.

Once you are sat down, you have to get up again and cue at the counter to place your order. Although this is something we don’t mind we would expect the prices to reflect the relaxed do-it-yourself attitude, but it is not!

On the up-side, the food is quite good. Parkers shows us their experimentation with flavours, such as the chocolate burger, which we love. The must-try is their Lotus dessert, we promise you will not regret it.

The decor and atmosphere is young and fresh which makes it a nice breakfast/lunch place. But be prepared to queue up, we’ve once waited almost an hour to get seated, the plus side is that the restaurant is in Dubai Mall and you can do a spot of shopping to kill the time.

We give Parkers a 7/10.

Find it on Zomato here.

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