Duck bacon and camel patty burgers

Bareburger gives you all the options you could desire from organic beef to camel pattys to duck bacon to buttermilk fried chicken.

We love that a lot of the ingredients are organic and this restaurant really cares about what they use in their food.

The atmosphere is designed to make you feel like your in a chic barn which links to their goal of providing high quality ingredients.

The staff were very friendly and helpful but not that organised. everyone’s food came at different times. for a place that encourages you to design your own burger with a wealth of options, they weren’t prepared to follow-through and provide you with what you actually ordered.

Bareburger is expensive if you are looking to just get a burger but the price is a reflection of the quality of food. Overall, we give this place a 5/10!

Find the Zomato link here.

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