Best Burgers in Dubai?

This is one of our ultimate favorites – Krush Burger.


A soft brioche bun, a delicious patty  and the sauce they use…oh my! Krush has 4 types of burgers: the Original, the Philly, the Cowbell and the Buffalo Chicken. All of which do not disappoint. The original is somewhat similar to the Shake Shack burger. The burgers are small and the aim is to have 2 burgers (they are just a bit bigger than sliders). We also recommend getting the Sweet Potato Tots – very tasty! They have a good variety of milkshake flavours – peanut butter is our favourite.

It’s pretty much self-service but the staff are really helpful and patient when explaining their menu items. Plus they are open until 4am, perfect for a late-night snack.

Prices are reasonable for quality and flavour of the burgers but if you get 2 burgers, Sweet Potato Tots and a milkshake, it does add up!

We give this an 8.5/10! Don’t get us wrong, this place is definitely worth visiting we just wish it didn’t hurt our pockets as much  or get up every time we needed something due to the self-services (we are lazy like that).

Click here to see the menu and location 

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