Burger 28 kept it 100

Burger 28 is INCREDIBLE! We've been day dreaming about our second trip already and we cannot wait to sink our teeth in to the 'Arbab S' burger again. This place and the owner kept it real, it was everything a burger-joint needs to be: delicious, full of flavour, indulgent and fast. Certainly worth every single... Continue Reading →

Poke me!

Our friend told us that their favourite dish in the world is a poke bowl. They described it as rice with raw salmon. Obviously that doesn't sound too exciting...until we went to Poke Poke. OMG! If you're a sushi fan, you will love this! We'll be honest, this isn't for everyone (George was not thrilled,... Continue Reading →

Zattara: Wasn’t zat good 

Nice idea, original items on the menu such as the zattara fries but the food was poor in quality and the service was bad. We started off with the beef shawarma sandwich which was okay at best but they had put all the salad at the bottom and the meat at the top so when... Continue Reading →

So stuffed (Stuffed Burger Co.) 

The stuffed burger company  - wow! The service was on point, the waiters welcomed us in, informed us of their best sellers and were very accommodating to our customized off menu orders! We love that! The restaurant is in the heartland of good food in Jumeirah - Dubai but was a bit quiet for a... Continue Reading →

Give me that Zam Zam Mandi

We love Mandi and we have found one of the best places in Dubai that serves the carbilicious Khaleeji dish. Yes we are willing to share this with you, Zam Zam Mandi restaurant by Deira City Centre. Although the dish is highly popular in the Gulf, the general consensus is that the dish came from Yemen... Continue Reading →

Amongst few

We love Amongst Few clothing brand, so when we heard about their cafe, we had to check it out! The decor is modern, fresh and urban. The cafe has large windows which lets a lot of sunlight in and has an outside area - all of which set the tone for an enjoyable breakfast. Their... Continue Reading →

Home Bakery

Chocolate milk cake, Ferraro Roche cake, smores dessert... need I say more? Yes they lived up to our expectations! We don't know how to describe the desserts at Home Bakery without sounding obsessed.  This place caters to all preferences - chocolate/vanilla/fruits/pastry/fudgy/custardy... we could go on. The place is very cute that has an eye for... Continue Reading →

Jazz nights at Pizza Express

This isn't a place to go if you want a quiet night! But if you want good food, good drink and live jazz entertainment, this is the place to be. We loved it here, from the open kitchen to the live band, we were fans! It was so nice to see the pizza dough being... Continue Reading →

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